Snapshot from Taupo

Anonymous asked: when will your book be ready? can't wait to have ti!

I reckon it will be published in Feb 2015! Thank you!

🐊 (at www.marcusmb.com)
🇬🇧 (at Big Ben Centrel London)
My Mom joined me on my little business trip! The next few days will be about two things: be tourists (!!) and do some proper shopping. Haven’t travelled with my mom for the last 5 years, so it’s great to have a lil vacation with her again! (at Horse Guards Parade)
Next: London (at Aéroport International de Paris-Roissy Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2)
Enjoying my last day in Paris.
Next: Paris #work
Next: Paris #work
10 months ago I started a journey. A journey to the other side of the world to pursue this idea of paradise. That paradise would be located as far away from the home both geographically and culturally. I’ve visited and lived in many different countries in the past 10 months. I started in Australia and found myself comfortable in Brisbane, along with a handful of wonderful friends. After 4.5 months there, I traveled north. After exploring some wonderful parts of eastern Australia, I decided to cross the Tasman sea and travel to New Zealand. Here, I traveled the country thick and thin by bus. From there, I went on to Thailand for a short visit, thereafter a month long adventure continued in the land of gold - Myanmar (Burma), followed by 5 weeks in beautiful Japan. I’m currently in Bangkok, where I have been for the last two days as a stopover, and will soon board the flight taking me and all the wonderful memories back to dear Denmark. I’m in a very ambivalent mood. It’s so sad to end such an amazing journey, but on the other hand I’m very excited to come home, see my family and friends again, and to begin the editing process of the book! The real work begins now, sorting out photos and texts, and finally wrap it up in a beautiful book and publish it! I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve met and traveled with along the way, and for the ton of experiences we shared together. Thank you for helping me out when I was in need and for the Indiegogo supporters who helped me from the very beginning. Last but definitely not least to my friends in Brisbane - where I stayed the longest! Thank you! I am ready to come home. I have gained enough knowledge, inspiration, stories and images to complete the book. And I’m beyond excited to begin editing the book, and ready to begin the war of sorting out and editing the well over 600 gb. worth of photographs. Wish me luck. I look forward to share with you my story, more than anything. I’m going home :) … here’s a snapshot from my time in Byron Bay. (at Starbucks (สตาร์บัคส์))
A white Mt Fuji (at Mt Fuji Japan)
Lunch break (at mt zaō)
Climbed Mt. Fuji (Japan’s tallest mountain) last night to reach the summit for sunrise! Great shoot on the top and an amazing experience climbing at night with crampons! (at Mt. Fuji Japan)

100 wild dolphins and a new GoPro 3+. This is how I started my day. Hours of pure bliss with these beautiful creatures!

Just got to Christchurch, after an incredible drive through the mountains, from Queenstown. Took photos in the bluest lakes I’ve ever seen and in the most beautiful mountains! Tomorrow off to Kaikoura - to hang out with some whales and seals!